Simple | Self-contained | Direct drive | Low Cost!

      • Self-contained, direct drive pump and shaker
      • Fits like a mud pan, no need for a pickup pump
      • 32" of clearance under drilling rig table is all that is needed
      • 600 gallon mud reservoir
      • 3/16" preform tank(minimize welded seams)
      • 2 4" suction outlets with Camelot fittings
      • 7'x2' shaker, double panel screen(mesh size from 20-170)

      • Screen panels can be changed to match drilling cuttings, in under 2 minutes
      • Mud mixing hopper
      • 2"x3"x8.5" 118 centrifugal mud pump with mechanical seal
      • 2.5" Desander cones
      • All steel pipe plumbing "no hoses"
      • Built in axle
      • 2 Cylinder 21 HP gas engine with electric starter
Options:  •  Diesel engine  •  Custom color paint  •  4 manual leveling jacks


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A mud system that replaces your mud pan!
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Contact: Willy Griffa
Address: 1195 Dorchester Ave.
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Fast and easy set up

•  Set’s up as fast as you can set up your existing mud box
•  Drilling mud dumps right over shaker through a trough from a push casing like you do with your current mud box. (no need for a pick up pump)
•  With a total height of 32”, it sets up under any rig top head of table drive.
•  It can be a skid mount or build in axle so it can be towed with rig or other vehicle.
•  This unit will save you time and money. There will be less wear on your drill pipe, your swivel and pumps.
•  It will give you a clearer bore hole by eliminating solids in your drill mud.
•  How many times have you been shut down because of a hydraulic hose break? No hydraulic needed here! This whole unit is hydraulic free, therefore making it worry free. No more need for a hydraulic pump, or experiencing motor failure, or even worse, having a hydraulic oil spill.
•  It is a direct drive, the worse thing that can happen is that a belt brakes, it takes 10 minutes to put a new one on (extra belt is provided in a storage box on the unit for your convenience).
•  Rig Buddy was designed and built by a driller, for drillers. The idea behind Rig Buddy is to provide a simple mud system that offers the same capabilities and productivity that the other systems offer for 1/2 the cost and a simple system for operating and maintaining with no hydraulics in the operation and maintenance is easy and low cost. The number one priority is simplicity and efficiency.


•  600 gallon tank
•  3/16” HR steel construction
•  Mud reservoir divided with sloped baffle for sand suction for cones
•  Two- 4” suction hook-ups

•  Two panel shaker 7’ X 30, two screens- can be from 20-170 mesh (selection of screen is determined by drilling conditions, screen can be changed in less than one minute)
•  Rotary motion
•  Shaker mounted on air bags for easy adjusting and leveling
•  Mud mixing jetted hopper (Jet ventury mixing system)

•  2"x3"x8.5", 118 Series MCM centrifugal pump
•  Customer choice of mechanical seal or packaged seal
•  Pressure gauge on manifold to insure proper PSI
•  Two - 5" desander cones
•  170 GPM cleaning capacity through cones
•  15 micron cut
•  7’ x 7’ x 2’ reservoir, 32” tall to the top of the shaker screen

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